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Latin Cross Sign

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Ancient Greek Cross Signs

  • 𐠒
  • 𐤕
  • 𐤲
  • 𓏶

Orthodox Cross

What Does the Latin Cross Represent?

The Latin cross, often simply referred to as the cross, is the most recognized symbol of Christianity. It represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is a symbol of faith, hope, and love for many around the world. Unlike other cross designs, the Latin cross has a longer vertical bar intersected by a shorter horizontal bar.

Quick Facts:

  • Represents: Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • Meaning: Faith, hope, love, and salvation
  • Usage: Common in religious texts, jewelry, architecture, and art

How to Use the Latin Cross Symbol in Word

Adding a Latin cross to your Word document is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Insert Symbol Method:
    • Open your Word document.
    • Go to the “Insert” tab.
    • Click on “Symbol” and then “More Symbols.”
    • Find the cross symbol (†) in the list, select it, and click “Insert.”
  2. Using Shortcuts:
    • Place your cursor where you want the symbol.
    • Press ALT + 0134 on the numeric keypad for †.
    • Alternatively, use our service. Just click on the COPY button and paste the symbol into your document.

Popular Cross Symbols:

Here’s a handy list of cross symbols:

  • † (Latin Cross)
  • ✝ (Christian Cross)
  • ✞ (Cross with Lowered Arm)
  • ✟ (Cross with Raised Arm)
  • ☨ (Maltese Cross)
  • ☦ (Orthodox Cross)
  • ♱ (Latin Cross with Circle)
  • ‡ (Double Cross)
  • ☥ (Ankh)
  • ♰ (Double-Headed Cross)
  • ⊹ (Cross Crosslet)
  • ☩ (Cross of Jerusalem)
  • ✙ (Cross Patonce)
  • ✚ (Cross Formy)
  • ✛ (Cross of St. James)
  • ✜ (Cross Bottony)
  • ⁜ (Tironian Sign)
  • ✠ (Moline Cross)

Christian Cross Emoji

Different Types of Crosses Encoding Data

Here’s a comprehensive table for various cross symbols, including their HTML, CSS, Hex, and Unicode codes:

SymbolNameHTML CodeCSS CodeHex CodeUnicode
𐠒Cross with Circle𐆒\101920x10192U+10192
Tifinagh Letter Tⴜ\2D1C0x2D1CU+2D1C
𐤕Phoenician Letter Taw𐤕\109150x10915U+10915
𐤲Imperial Aramaic Taw𐠲\108320x10832U+10832
𓏶Egyptian Hieroglyph𓏶\133F60x133F6U+133F6
Latin Cross†\20200x2020U+2020
Christian Cross✝\271D0x271DU+271D
Cross with Lowered Arm✞\271E0x271EU+271E
Cross with Raised Arm✟\271F0x271FU+271F
Maltese Cross☨\26280x2628U+2628
Orthodox Cross☦\26260x2626U+2626
Latin Cross with Circle⛁\26710x2671U+2671
Double Cross‡\20210x2021U+2021
Double-Headed Cross⛀\26700x2670U+2670
Cross Crosslet⊙\22970x2297U+2297
Cross of Jerusalem☩\26290x2629U+2629
Cross Patonce✙\27190x2719U+2719
Cross Formy✚\271A0x271AU+271A
Cross of St. James✛\271B0x271BU+271B
Cross Bottony✜\271C0x271CU+271C
Tironian Sign⁜\204C0x204CU+204C
Moline Cross✠\27200x2720U+2720
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Using cross symbols in your documents and projects is now a breeze with If you need the Latin cross for a presentation, a religious text, or any other purpose, you can easily copy and paste the symbol with a single click. Remember, just click on the COPY button and paste the copied text anywhere you need it.

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