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Get ready to elevate your projects with the ultimate collection of Unit Measurement Symbols! Ω㎅✂️ Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to convenience with our easy Copy & Paste feature. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike, these symbols will add precision and flair to your work. Don’t miss out – grab your go-to toolkit now and measure up to excellence! 🚀ϟ

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Unit Symbols

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  • lb
  • Hz
  • Ω
  • °
  • lm
  • psi
  • cd
  • Φ
  • dz
  • ϟ

  • ω
°Degree sign
Degree Celsius
Degree Fahrenheit
Mg milligram symbol
Kg kilogram symbol
Mm millimeter symbol
Cm centimeter symbol
Kilometers symbol
Square metre symbol
Cubic centimeters / Meter cube symbol
Km Capital Symbol
Square Ln Symbol
Square Log Symbol
Square Mil Symbol
lbsymbol for pounds weight
HzHertz Frequency
ϟVoltage Symbol
ΩOhm / Greek Capital Letter Omega Symbol
lmLumen symbol
psiPounds per square inch symbol
cdCandela symbol
ΦLumen symbol
dzDozen symbol
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