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Tech Symbols Copy and Paste

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What are technical symbols?

Technical symbols are a set of characters that represent specific meanings within technical fields such as engineering, mathematics, and computer science. They are used to convey information in a concise and standardized way. For example, in Unicode, the “Miscellaneous Technical” block contains symbols like:

CharacterCharacter Name
Place of Interest Sign
Erase to the Right Symbol
Delete Form Feed Symbol
Erase to the Left Symbol
Erase to the Right, Beginning of Line Symbol
Decrease Font Size Symbol
Terminal Symbol
Top Half Integral
Bottom Half Integral
Decrease Spacing Symbol
Increase Spacing Symbol
Clear Key Symbol
Option Key Symbol
Position 2 Symbol
Position 1 Symbol
Insert Page Break Symbol
National Typewriter Day Symbol
Insert Line Break Symbol
Carriage Return Symbol
File Separator Symbol
Record Separator Symbol
Unit Separator Symbol
Delete to End of Line Symbol
Delete to Start of Line Symbol
Increase Line Spacing Symbol
Decrease Line Spacing Symbol
Insert Line Spacing Symbol
Hyphenation Point Symbol
Insert Paragraph Symbol
Numeric Hyphen Symbol
Section Sign
Delete Line Symbol
Delete Paragraph Symbol
Increase Spacing Symbol
Decrease Spacing Symbol
Set Top Margin Symbol
Set Bottom Margin Symbol
Set Left Margin Symbol
Set Right Margin Symbol
Set Left and Right Margin Symbol
Set Top and Bottom Margin Symbol
Start of Selected Area Symbol
End of Selected Area Symbol
Character Tabulation Set Symbol
Character Tabulation with Justification Symbol
Line Tabulation Set Symbol
Partial Line Forward Symbol
Partial Line Backward Symbol
Function Symbol
Input Symbol
Output Symbol
Start of Selected Area Symbol
Diameter Sign
Up Arrowhead
Down Arrowhead
Projective Symbol
Perspective Symbol
Wavy Line Symbol
Left Ceiling Symbol
Right Ceiling Symbol
Left Floor Symbol
Right Floor Symbol
Bottom Left Crop Symbol
Bottom Right Crop Symbol
Top Left Crop Symbol
Top Right Crop Symbol
Reversed Not Sign
Square Root Symbol
CJK Radicals Supplement Enclosure Symbol
Triangle with Underbar Symbol
Square with Underbar Symbol
Symbol for Bell
Earth Ground Symbol
Fahrenheit Symbol
Alternate Key Symbol
Start of Guarded Area Symbol
End of Guarded Area Symbol
Start of Guarded Area Symbol
Watch Symbol
Hourglass Symbol
💻Personal Computer Symbol
🖱️Computer Mouse Symbol
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