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Get your content the protection it deserves with the Copyright Symbol (© ⓒ)! 🛡️ It’s your creative ally, ensuring your work stays original and safe. No more worries about copycats—just a simple copy and paste, and you’re certified! 🌟 Keep your creations under your name and let your ideas shine. It’s your right, so flaunt it with pride! ✨

C Copyright Symbol


What is the C Symbol for Copyright?

The “C” symbol (©) stands for copyright and signifies that the content is legally protected. This means that the creator holds the exclusive rights to use and distribute their work. It’s essential for protecting your creative content, whether it’s text, images, or any other type of product.

ALT Code for © Text Symbol

Using the ALT code is a quick method to insert the copyright symbol on a Windows device. Here’s a little table to guide you:

SymbolALT CodeDescription
©Alt + 0169Copyright Symbol

How Do I Insert a Copyright Symbol?

Inserting a copyright symbol can be super straightforward. Here are a few ways you can do it:

1. Using Our One-Click Copy Service

The easiest method? Use our below tool. Just click on the COPY button below, and paste the symbol anywhere you need it.


2. Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, here’s how you can do it on different devices:

  • Windows: Press Alt + 0169
  • Mac: Press Option + G
  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + U, release, and then type 00A9 followed by Enter

3. HTML Code

For those of you working with HTML, simply use:

© or ©

If you’re a web developer, adding the copyright symbol to your website’s footer is a common practice. Here’s a quick example of how to do it in HTML:

  <p>&copy; 2024 Your Company Name. All rights reserved.</p>

4. Unicode

Unicode is a universal way to insert special characters. The Unicode for the copyright symbol is U+00A9.

5. Microsoft Word

In Word, you can insert the copyright symbol by typing (c) which automatically converts to ©. Alternatively, go to Insert > Symbol > ©.

Copyright symbol Different Programming Languages:

  1. JavaScript: console.log(“\u00A9”);
  2. PHP: echo “\xC2\xA9”;
  3. Python: print(“\u00A9”)
  4. C: printf(“\xC2\xA9”);
  5. C#: Console.Write(“\u00A9”);
  6. C++: std::cout << “\xC2\xA9”;
  7. Java: System.out.println(“\u00A9”);
  8. Kotlinprint(“\u00A9”)
  9. Ruby: puts “\u00A9”
  10. Swift: print(“\u{00A9}”)
  11. Haskell: putStrLn “\xC2\xA9”
  12. R: cat(“\u00A9”)
  13. Lisp: (format t “\xC2\xA9”)
  14. Bash: printf “\xC2\xA9”
  15. Go: fmt.Printf(“\u00A9”)
  16. Perl: print “\xC2\xA9”;
  17. Rust: println!(“\u{00A9}”)
  18. Erlang: io:fwrite(“\u00A9”).
  19. Dart: print(“\u00A9”);
  20. Elixir: IO.puts “\u00A9”
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