V Special Characters Copy and Paste – 𝐕 Ⓥ 𝝊 ⌵ á¹½ ∀

Unlock the Magic: Copy and Paste V Symbols! Dive into a Wonderland of V-shaped wonders—Ⓥ, ṽ, ṿ, and more! Spice up your text with these mystical glyphs. 🌟✨

V Letter Symbols

To Copy any symbol simply click/tap on it.
  • 𝓿
  • á¹¾
  • á¹¾
  • ṿ
  • ៴
  • √
  • ݍ
  • ⛛
  • ᐁ
  • à±®
  • ᕂ
  • ✓
  • á¹½
  • 🜄
  • ⒱
  • Ʋ
  • ύ
  • 𝓥
  • ߜ
  • 𝘝
  • 𝐕
  • 𝜈
  • ⓥ
  • 🇻
  • 𝞶
  • ⌵
  • 𝜐
  • 𝐯
  • 𝚅
  • Ɐ
  • 𝘃
  • ⋁
  • 𝛎
  • ν
  • Ñ´
  • ʊ
  • ⋎
  • 𝑉
  • ѵ
  • 𝙑
  • Í®
  • 𝚟
  • Vᜱ
  • ሆ
  • ᵛ
  • 𝒗
  • ∀
  • 𝑙𝑎
  • 𝓻
  • 𝜵
  • 𝑽
  • 𝘷
  • ˅
  • ᕓ
  • 𝑣
  • Ù§
  • v∇
  • ᐺ
  • 𝝂
  • 𝝯
  • 𝛖
  • Û·
  • 𝙫
  • 𝝊
  • ᜠ
v Special Characters
: Also Check The List :
CharacterCharacter Name
VLatin Capital Letter V
á¹½Latin Small Letter V with Tilde
ṿLatin Small Letter V with Dot Below
vLatin Small Letter V
á¹¼Latin Capital Letter V with Tilde
á¹¾Latin Capital Letter V with Dot Below
𝘃Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small V
Ñ´Cyrillic Capital Letter Izhitsa
⋁Logical Or
∀For All
ᵛLatin Small Letter V with Superscript Small V
ѵCyrillic Small Letter Izhitsa
𝝊Mathematical Bold Small Nu
ƲLatin Capital Letter U with Horn
🜄Alchemical Symbol For Brimstone
𝓥Mathematical Bold Italic Capital V
ᜠPhilippine Script Capital V
ᏤCherokee Letter V
ᜱPhilippine Script Small V
ᐺCanadian Syllabics O
ᕂCanadian Syllabics Hya
á¹¾Latin Capital Letter V with Dot Below
√Square Root
៴Khmer Sign Avakrahasanya
✓Check Mark
🇻Regional Indicator Symbol Letter V
ύGreek Small Letter Upsilon with Oxia
à±®Telugu Digit Six
ሆEthiopic Syllable Ho
ݍArabic Small High Sad
𝝯Mathematical Bold Capital Upsilon
νGreek Small Letter Nu
ᐁCanadian Syllabics E
ⱯLatin Capital Letter Turned A
𝐕Mathematical Bold Capital V
𝚅Mathematical Monospace Capital V
𝚟Mathematical Monospace Small V
𝐯Mathematical Bold Small V
⋎Curly Logical Or
𝙑Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital V
ͮCombining Double Inverted Breve
ߜNko Letter La
Û·Arabic-Indic Digit Seven
Ù§Arabic-Indic Digit Seven
𝙫Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small V
𝞶Mathematical Bold Capital Nu
ᕓCanadian Syllabics Nya
𝘷Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Small V
𝑽Mathematical Italic Capital V
𝘝Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Capital V
˅Latin Small Letter V with Down Tack
𝑉Mathematical Italic Capital V
𝜵Mathematical Bold Italic Small Nu
ᘁCanadian Syllabics Hwa
𝞩Mathematical Bold Small Upsilon
𝛎Mathematical Italic Small Nu
𝒗Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
𝑣Mathematical Italic Small V
⛛Heavy Greek Cross
߇Nko Letter Sa
𝜈Mathematical Bold Italic Small Xi
𝛖Mathematical Italic Small Xi
𝝂Mathematical Bold Small Xi
𝜐Mathematical Bold Italic Small Pi
ʊLatin Small Letter Upsilon
𝓿Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
⌵Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards
ⓥCircled Latin Capital Letter V
⒱Circled Latin Small Letter V

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