🩷 Pink Heart Emoji Meaning – Instant Copy and Paste

The 🩷 Pink Heart emoji, resembling a small pink heart with a tag attached, signifies affection, love, and admiration. It often conveys heartfelt emotions and is commonly used to express love, appreciation, or friendship. Pink heart emoji meaning from a girl is appreciation and friendship.


Emoji History

The 🩷 Pink Heart emoji made its debut in 2020 as part of Unicode 13.0. This addition expanded the already diverse array of heart emojis, allowing users to convey affection with a unique twist.

Pink Heart Emoji

Emoji General Information

Emoji🩷 Pink Heart
IntroducedUnicode 13.0 (2020)
KeywordsLove, Pink Heart, Affection, Admiration, Tag

Unicode Category Information

Unicode CategoryEmoji
General CategorySymbol, Other
Specific CategoryHeart

Emoji Character Encoding Data

CodepointsUnicode NameApple NameAlso Known AsShortcodesRelevant Emojis
U+1F9B7PINK HEART🩷:pink_heart:❤️, 💕, 💞, 💗, 💖

Technical Information

The 🩷 Pink Heart emoji is encoded with the following technical details:

  • Codepoints: U+1F9B7
  • Unicode Name: PINK HEART
  • Apple Name: 🩷
  • Also Known As: None
  • Shortcodes: :pink_heart:
  • Relevant Emojis: ❤️, 💕, 💞, 💗, 💖

This emoji is easily accessible on various platforms and widely used to represent sentiments of love, affection, and admiration. Its unique design with the attached tag adds a charming twist to the classic heart symbol.

Bottom Line

The 🩷 Pink Heart emoji, introduced in Unicode 13.0, is a delightful addition to the world of digital communication. It conveys emotions of love, affection, and admiration, and its distinctive design sets it apart from the classic heart symbols. So, go ahead and share your heartfelt emotions with this charming pink heart emoji. ❤️💕💞💗💖

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