❣️ Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament Emoji Meanings


Ever stumbled upon this little gem ❣️ and felt a flutter in your heart? That’s the power of the Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament Emoji ❣, a symbol that packs a punch of emotion in a single character.

It’s the digital nudge, the “I’m here for you,” the silent supporter in your corner. Let’s dive into the depths of this expressive emoji.

❣️ Emoji Meaning

The Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament Emoji is a versatile symbol used to express a range of emotions, from affectionate emphasis to dramatic flair. Here are four ways this emoji can spice up your digital conversations:

  • Affection Amplifier: When “I love you” isn’t enough, ❣️ says it louder. Example: “I love you❣️!”
  • Dramatic Declaration: It’s the mic drop of the emoji world. Example: “She said yes❣️!”
  • Supportive Sidekick: A virtual pat on the back. Example: “You got this❣️!”
  • Playful Punctuation: Who says punctuation has to be boring? Example: “Guess who just aced their exam❣️?”

❣️ Heart Exclamation Emoji Meaning from a Boy to Girl:

❣️ Overflow of Affection: When a boy sends the heart exclamation emoji to a girl, it’s like his heart is doing a happy dance. It’s a burst of affection that goes beyond words. Imagine a boy texting a heart exclamation emoji after receiving good news from the girl he likes.

❣️ Joyful Excitement: The heart exclamation emoji signifies an infectious joy. It’s like a virtual hug expressing the happiness bubbling inside. For example, a boy might use this emoji when telling a girl about an achievement, conveying not just information but genuine excitement.

❣️ Admiration Unveiled: This emoji also unveils a layer of admiration. It’s as if the boy is saying, “You’re amazing!” Picture a boy using the heart exclamation emoji when the girl accomplishes something noteworthy, revealing his genuine admiration for her.

❣️ Sweet Surprise: Sometimes, the heart exclamation emoji is a sweet surprise, like a hidden note of affection. Consider a boy adding this emoji to a casual conversation, subtly letting the girl know that she holds a special place in his heart.

Heart Exclamation Emoji ❣️ Meaning from a Girl to a Boy:

❣️ Expressing Fondness: When a girl sends the heart exclamation emoji to a boy, it’s her way of saying, “You’re in my thoughts.” It’s a subtle expression of fondness, perhaps used when the boy does something thoughtful. For instance, a girl might use this emoji when the boy brings her coffee unexpectedly.

❣️ Encouraging Support: The heart exclamation emoji can also be a form of encouraging support. It’s like cheering on from the sidelines. Imagine a girl sending this emoji when the boy shares his goals or dreams, conveying not just interest but genuine support and belief in his capabilities.

❣️ Warm Compliment: This emoji is a warm compliment wrapped in a digital embrace. It’s a way for a girl to say, “You make my heart happy.” Picture a girl using the heart exclamation emoji when the boy shares a funny story or a moment that brightens her day.

❣️ Connection Reinforced: Ultimately, this emoji reinforces a sense of connection. It’s a digital heartbeat, echoing the sentiment, “You matter to me.” A girl might use this emoji to solidify the emotional bond, especially in moments where words alone might fall short.

Combinations with ❣️ Emoji

  • Love is in the Air: ❣️💑🌹 – A classic date night.
  • Celebration Time: 🎉❣️🥳 – Party just got an upgrade.
  • Heartfelt Thanks: 🙏❣️ – Gratitude with extra love.
  • Birthday Bash: 🎂❣️🎁 – Make a wish, birthday star!
  • Foodie Love: 🍕❣️ – Pizza is bae.
  • Pet Cuddles: 🐶❣️ – Furry friends forever.
  • Workout Win: 💪❣️ – Crushing those fitness goals.
  • Coffee Cravings: ☕❣️ – Morning brew, I choose you!
  • Music Mood: 🎶❣️ – Tunes that touch the soul.
  • Travel Bug: ✈️❣️🌍 – Wanderlust wonders.
  • ❣️😍 – Heartfelt love
  • 🌹❣️ – Love blossoms
  • 🎁❣️ – Gift of love
  • 🌈❣️ – Colorful emotions
  • ❣️🤗 – Warm affection
  • 📬❣️ – Love letter received
  • 🎶❣️ – Melody of the heart
  • ❣️🌟 – Radiant love
  • ❣️🍫 – Sweet love
  • ❣️🤔 – Puzzled heart
  • ❣️🏹 – Cupid’s arrow
  • ❣️💑 – Romantic couple
  • 🌅❣️ – Love at sunrise
  • 📱❣️ – Digital affection
  • ❣️🚀 – Love that’s out of this world
  • ❣️🔒 – Locked in love
  • ❣️🍦 – Sweetheart treat
  • 🎭❣️ – Dramatic love
  • ❣️💬 – Heartfelt conversation
  • ❣️🎉 – Celebration of love

Emoji History

The ❣️ emoji first fluttered onto the digital scene, capturing hearts and punctuating messages with its unique blend of charm and emphasis. It quickly became a go-to for expressing heartfelt emotions and adding a touch of drama to everyday conversations.

Emoji General Information

Full NameHeavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament Emoji
Unicode NameHeavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament
Apple NameHeart Exclamation
Also Known AsHeart Exclamation Mark, Heart Punctuation
Unicode (fully-qualified)U+2763 FE0F
Unicode Version6.0

Emoji Encoding Data (Code)

CodepointsU+2763 FE0F
Shortcode (GitHub, Slack, Discord):heart_exclamation:
HTML Dec❣️
HTML Hex❣️
CSS\2763 \FE0F
“C, C++ & Python”u2763 uFE0F
“Java, JavaScript & JSON”\u2763\uFE0F
PHP & Ruby\u{2763}\u{FE0F}
URL Escape Code%E2%9D%A3%EF%B8%8F
UTF-8 Encoding:E2 9D A3 EF B8 8F
UTF-16 Encoding:2763 FE0F
UTF-32 Encoding:00002763 0000FE0F

Relevant Emojis

💘Heart with ArrowCupid’s arrow has struck!
💝Heart with RibbonWrapped with love and care.
💖Sparkling HeartLove that shines bright.
💗Growing HeartLove that grows every day.
💓Beating HeartThe heartbeat of love.
💞Revolving HeartsLove goes round and round.
💕Two HeartsDouble the love, double the fun.
💟Heart DecorationLove is in the details.
💌Love LetterSealed with a kiss.

Embrace the ❣️ emoji and let your heart speak volumes. Whether it’s love, support, or just a dash of drama, this little symbol is here to make your messages memorable. So go ahead, sprinkle some ❣️ in your texts and watch the magic unfold.

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