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The 🩡 Light Blue Heart Emoji is a symbol of tranquility and calmness. It conveys feelings of serenity, peace, and a sense of relaxation. The soft, light blue color of the heart symbolizes a soothing and gentle emotion, making it perfect for expressing appreciation, gratitude, or simply sending well wishes.


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Light Blue Heart Emoji Copy
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Emoji History

The 🩡 Light Blue Heart Emoji was introduced to the Unicode Standard in 2020 as part of Emoji 13.0. It joined a diverse array of heart emojis, each with its own unique color and meaning, expanding the emotional range of digital communication.

Emoji General Information

Unicode Version13.0
Release Year2020
SubcategoryHeart Symbols

Unicode Category Information

Unicode CategoryValue
General CategorySymbol
Canonical Combining Class0

Emoji Character Encoding Data

CodepointsUnicode NameApple NameAlso Known AsShortcodesRelevant Emojis
U+1FA75LIGHT BLUE HEARTLight Blue HeartSerene Heart:light_blue_heart:🩡 🌊 πŸ’™

Technical Information

The 🩡 Light Blue Heart Emoji is identified by the Unicode codepoint U+1FA75. Its Unicode name is “LIGHT BLUE HEART,” and Apple users recognize it as the “Light Blue Heart.” This emoji is also known as the “Serene Heart.” You can use the shortcode :light_blue_heart: to include it in your messages. It complements other emojis like 🌊 (Water Wave) and πŸ’™ (Blue Heart), enhancing your ability to convey a spectrum of emotions.

Bottom Line

The 🩡 Light Blue Heart Emoji is your go-to choice for expressing calmness, tranquility, and relaxation in your digital conversations. Whether you want to send good vibes, express gratitude, or simply add a touch of serenity to your messages, this emoji is the perfect symbol of peace and appreciation.

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