💓 Beating Heart Emoji Meanings – Instant Copy and Paste

The 💓 Beating Heart emoji represents a pulsating, red heart, often associated with love, affection, or intense feelings. It symbolizes a strong emotional connection and is commonly used to express love, excitement, or gratitude. It can also convey feelings of passion, adoration, and admiration.


Emoji History

The 💓 Beating Heart emoji was introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 and quickly became a popular symbol of love and affection in digital communication. Over the years, it has found its place in various online conversations, text messages, and social media platforms.

Emoji General Information

Unicode Version6.0
Unicode NameBeating Heart
KeywordsBeating, Heart, Love, Pulse
Code PointsU+1F493
Official Name (CLDR)Beating Heart

Unicode Category Information

Unicode CategoryValue
General CategorySymbol
Canonical Combining Class0
Bidirectional CategoryON

Emoji Character Encoding Data

Unicode NameBeating Heart
Apple NameBeating Heart
Also Known AsThrobbing Heart, Pulsating Heart
Shortcodes:heartbeat:, :heartpulse:
Relevant Emojis❤️, 💖, 💕, 💗, 💞

Technical Information

The 💓 Beating Heart emoji is encoded with the codepoint U+1F493. It is officially named “Beating Heart” in the Unicode standard and carries the same name on Apple devices. This emoji is also commonly referred to as the “Throbbing Heart” or “Pulsating Heart.” Users can insert it in their messages and social media posts using shortcodes like :heartbeat: or :heartpulse:. It is often used alongside related emojis like ❤️, 💖, 💕, 💗, and 💞 to convey affection and love.

Bottom Line

The 💓 Beating Heart emoji is a widely recognized symbol of love, affection, and intense emotions. It has a rich history in digital communication and is commonly used to express love, passion, and admiration. Whether you’re sending a heartfelt message or adding a touch of affection to your social media posts, this emoji is the perfect choice for instant copy and paste. Share your love with a simple click! 💓

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