💕 Two Hearts Emoji Meanings – Instant Copy and Paste

The 💕 Two Hearts emoji is a symbol of deep affection and love. It typically represents the love between two people, often romantic in nature. It can be used to express emotions like adoration, fondness, or a strong connection between individuals. Sending this emoji conveys heartfelt love and can be a sweet way to express your feelings.


Emoji History

The 💕 Two Hearts emoji was introduced as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. Over the years, it has become a widely recognized symbol of love and is frequently used in various digital communication platforms.

Emoji General Information

Unicode💕 Two Hearts
NameTwo Hearts

Unicode Category Information


Emoji Character Encoding Data

CodepointsUnicode NameApple NameAlso Known AsShortcodesRelevant Emojis
U+1F495Two HeartsTwo Hearts:two_hearts:💕💖❣️💗💝💟❤️

Technical Information

  • Codepoints: U+1F495
  • Unicode Name: Two Hearts
  • Apple Name: Two Hearts
  • Also Known As: None
  • Shortcodes: :two_hearts:
  • Relevant Emojis: 💕💖❣️💗💝💟❤️

Bottom Line

The 💕 Two Hearts emoji is a delightful symbol of love and affection, perfect for expressing your deepest emotions. Whether it’s romantic love, friendship, or admiration, this emoji is a simple and effective way to convey your feelings. Simply copy and paste it to add a touch of love to your messages and social media posts.

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