Important Days in April 2024 National and International

Discover the hidden gems of April 2024! From global festivities to local traditions, this month is a firework of significance. 🌏🔥

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Important Days in April 2024

World Health Day
World Health Day

1. Odisha Foundation Day (April 1, 2024)

On this day, we commemorate Utkal Divas, also known as Odisha Foundation Day. In 1936, Odisha emerged as a separate province, distinct from Bengal and Bihar. It was a historic milestone, and the birth of Odisha as a state founded on the language of Oriya. Let’s celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

2. April Fools’ Day (April 1, 2024)

April Fool’s Day—the day of jests, pranks, and playful deception. Whether you’re swapping sugar for salt or inventing absurd stories, embrace the spirit of harmless trickery. Just remember, laughter is the best medicine, even if it’s at your own expense.

3. Prevention of Blindness Week (April 1–7, 2024)

During this week, we raise awareness about eye health and the prevention of blindness. Regular eye check-ups, early detection, and timely treatment are essential. Let’s keep our vision crystal clear!

4. World Autism Awareness Day (April 2, 2024)

World Autism Awareness Day shines a spotlight on autism spectrum disorders. It’s a day to foster understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for individuals with autism. Wear your blue ribbons proudly.

5. International Day of Mine Awareness (April 4, 2024)

A somber yet crucial day, the International Day of Mine Awareness reminds us of the devastating impact of landmines on communities worldwide. Let’s advocate for mine clearance and support affected regions.

6. National Maritime Day (April 5, 2024)

Ahoy, sailors! On National Maritime Day, we celebrate the maritime industry’s contributions to global trade, commerce, and connectivity. Let’s raise our imaginary anchor and set sail on the high seas of appreciation.

7. World Health Day (April 7, 2024)

Our well-being takes center stage on World Health Day. Let’s reflect on our health choices, appreciate healthcare professionals, and perhaps take a brisk walk—because health is wealth!

8. World Homoeopathy Day (April 10, 2024)

If you’re a skeptic or a believer, World Homeopathy Day invites us to explore alternative medicine. Let’s sip our diluted remedies and ponder the mysteries of infinitesimal doses.

8. Eid-Ul-Fitr (April 10, 2024)

Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as Ramadan Eid, is a joyous festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a period of fasting, prayer, and reflection.


9. National Safe Motherhood Day (April 11, 2024)

National Safe Motherhood Day emphasizes maternal health and safe childbirth. Let’s honor the resilience of mothers and advocate for accessible healthcare for all expectant moms.

10. National Pet Day (April 11, 2024)

Our furry companions deserve a day in the spotlight! National Pet Day celebrates the joy, love, and companionship our pets bring to our lives. Give your pet an extra treat and a warm cuddle.

11. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (April 13, 2024)

On this solemn day, we remember the tragic events of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919. Let’s honor the lives lost and reflect on the importance of peace and justice.

12. B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day (April 14, 2024)

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the architect of India’s Constitution, left an indelible mark on our nation. On B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day, let’s pay tribute to his vision for equality and social justice.

13. World Haemophilia Day (April 17, 2024)

World Haemophilia Day raises awareness about bleeding disorders. Let’s support those affected by hemophilia and work towards better treatment and care.

14. World Heritage Day (April 18, 2024)

Our cultural and natural heritage deserves preservation. On World Heritage Day, explore historical sites, marvel at architectural wonders, and appreciate the beauty of our planet.

15. National Civil Service Day (April 21, 2024)

National Civil Service Day honors the dedication and commitment of civil servants. Their tireless efforts contribute to the functioning of our governments and societies.

16. World Earth Day (April 22, 2024)

Our blue planet needs our care. On World Earth Day, let’s plant trees, reduce waste, and pledge to protect our environment. Every small action counts.

17. World Book and Copyright Day (April 23, 2024)

Books are windows to other worlds. Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by reading, sharing stories, and appreciating the written word.

18. National Civil Service Day (April 21, 2024)

National Civil Service Day honors the dedication and commitment of civil servants. Their tireless efforts contribute to the functioning of our governments and societies. From bureaucrats to frontline workers, let’s appreciate their service in shaping our nation.

19. National Panchayati Raj Day (April 24, 2024)

National Panchayati Raj Day celebrates local self-governance in India. It’s a tribute to the grassroots institutions—the panchayats—that empower rural communities. Let’s recognize their role in shaping our villages.

20. World Malaria Day (April 25, 2024)

World Malaria Day reminds us of the fight against this mosquito-borne disease. Prevention, awareness, and research are our weapons. Let’s ensure no one sleeps under a net of ignorance.

21. World Intellectual Property Day (April 26, 2024)

Creativity, innovation, and protection—World Intellectual Property Day celebrates the contributions of inventors, artists, and creators. From patents to copyrights, let’s safeguard their genius.

22. World Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28, 2024)

Safety first! On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, let’s prioritize workplace well-being. From hard hats to ergonomic chairs, let’s create environments where everyone thrives.

23. World Veterinary Day (April 28, 2024)

Our furry, feathered, and scaly friends need care too! World Veterinary Day honors the tireless veterinarians who keep our animal companions healthy. Give your pet an extra treat—it’s their day too!

24. Ayushman Bharat Diwas (April 30, 2024)

In India, Ayushman Bharat Diwas celebrates the world’s largest healthcare scheme. It aims to provide affordable medical services to millions. Let’s raise a toast to accessible healthcare for all.

Table of April 2024’s Notable Days

April DatesName of Important Days in AprilDescription
1 AprilOdisha Foundation DayCommemorates the establishment of the Indian state of Odisha.
1 AprilApril Fools’ DayCelebrated worldwide with practical jokes and hoaxes.
1 AprilPrevention of Blindness weekA week dedicated to raising awareness about preventing blindness.
2 AprilWorld Autism Awareness DayFocuses on increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorders.
4 AprilInternational Day of Mine AwarenessAims to raise awareness about the dangers and risks of landmines.
5 AprilNational Maritime DayCommemorates the maiden voyage of the first Indian-owned ship in 1919.
7 AprilWorld Health DayGlobal health awareness day organized by the WHO.
10 AprilWorld Homoeopathy Day (WHD)Celebrates the birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.
11 AprilNational Safe Motherhood Day (NSMD)Raises awareness about proper healthcare for expectant mothers.
11 AprilNational Pet DayCelebrates the joy pets bring to our lives and promotes adoption.
13 AprilJallianwala Bagh MassacreCommemorates the tragic massacre of unarmed Indian civilians by British forces in 1919.
14 AprilB.R. Ambedkar Remembrance DayHonors the memory of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, architect of the Indian Constitution.
17 AprilWorld Haemophilia DayRaises awareness about bleeding disorders like hemophilia.
18 AprilWorld Heritage DayCelebrates cultural heritage and promotes its importance.
21 AprilNational Civil Service DayHonors the contributions of civil servants to the country.
22 AprilWorld Earth DayPromotes environmental protection and sustainability.
23 AprilWorld Book and Copyright DayCelebrates books and authors while promoting copyright protection.
24 AprilNational Panchayati Raj DayCommemorates the establishment of local self-governance in rural India.
25 AprilWorld Malaria DayRaises awareness about malaria prevention and control efforts.
26 AprilWorld Intellectual Property DayHighlights the importance of intellectual property rights.
28 AprilWorld Day for Safety and Health at WorkFocuses on promoting safe, healthy, and decent work environments.
30 AprilWorld Veterinary DayCelebrates the contributions of veterinarians to animal health.
30 AprilAyushman Bharat DiwasMarks the anniversary of the launch of India’s National Health Protection Scheme.

List of Indian National Days and Events in April 2024

DateNational DayDescription
1 April 2024Odisha Foundation DayCelebrates the formation of the state of Odisha.
1 April 2024Prevention of Blindness WeekRaises awareness about blindness prevention.
5 April 2024National Maritime DayCommemorates India’s maritime heritage.
6 April 2024National Handmade DayPromotes handmade and traditional crafts.
11 April 2024National Safe Motherhood DayFocuses on maternal health and safety.
13 April 2024Jallianwala Bagh MassacreRemembers the tragic incident in Amritsar.
14 April 2024BR Ambedkar Remembrance DayHonors Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s contributions.
21 April 2024National Civil Service DayRecognizes the role of civil servants.
24 April 2024National Panchayati DayCelebrates local self-governance.

List of International Days and Events in April 2024

Date National Day 
2 April 2024World Autism Awareness Day
3 April 2024Independent Artist Day 
4 April 2024International Day of Mine Awareness 
7 April 2024World Health Day
8 April 2024International Pageant Day 
11 April 2024National Pet Day 
12 April 2024International Day of Human Space Flight 
15 April 2024World Art Day 
16 April 2024World Semicolon Day
22 April 2024Earth day 
25 April 2024World Malaria Day 
29 April 2024International Dance Day 

April 1

  • April Fools’ Day 
  • International Pillow Fight Day
  • National Fun Day
  • National Greeting Card Day
  • National Handmade Day
  • National One Cent Day
  • National Sourdough Bread Day

April 2

  • International Children’s Book Day
  • National DIY Day
  • National Ferret Day
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • National Reconciliation Day
  • Nature Day
  • World Autism Awareness Day

April 3

  • National Chocolate Mousse Day
  • National Film Score Day
  • National Find a Rainbow Day
  • National Inspiring Joy Day
  • National Tweed Day

April 4

  • International Carrot Day
  • National Burrito Day
  • National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day
  • National Hug a Newsperson Day
  • National School Librarian Day
  • National Vitamin C Day

April 5

  • Bell Bottoms Day
  • National Caramel Day
  • National Dandelion Day
  • National Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • National Self Care Day
  • National Walking Day
  • Peeps Day

April 6

  • California Poppy Day
  • Hostess Twinkie Day
  • National Açaí Bowl Day
  • National Caramel Popcorn Day
  • National Library Day
  • National Pajama Day
  • National Student Athlete Day
  • National Tartan Day

April 7

  • National Beer Day
  • National Coffee Cake Day
  • National Geologists Day
  • National No Housework Day
  • National Pet Health Insurance Day
  • Public Television Day
  • Walk to Work Day

April 8

  • International Feng Shui Awareness Day
  • National Empanada Day
  • National Zoo Lovers Day

April 9

  • Eid-Al-Fitr
  • End of Ramadan
  • National Baked Ham with Pineapple Day
  • National Cherish an Antique Day
  • National Library Workers Day
  • National Name Yourself Day
  • National Unicorn Day

April 10

  • Golfer’s Day
  • National Encourage a Young Writer Day
  • National Farm Animals Day
  • National Hug Your Dog Day
  • National Siblings Day

April 11

  • Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
  • National Barbershop Quartet Day
  • National Cheese Fondue Day
  • National Pet Day

April 12

  • Hamster Day
  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • National Only Child Day

April 13

  • Celebrate Teen Literature Day
  • International Plant Appreciation Day
  • National Peach Cobbler Day
  • National Scrabble Day

April 14

  • International Kids Yoga Day
  • National Dolphin Day
  • National Donate a Book Day
  • National Gardening Day
  • National Look Up at the Sky Day
  • National Pecan Day

April 15

  • National ASL Day
  • National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
  • National Laundry Day
  • National Rubber Eraser Day

April 16

  • Good Deeds Day
  • National Eggs Benedict Day
  • National Orchid Day
  • National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
  • Save the Elephant Day

April 17

  • Go Fly a Kite Day
  • International Bat Appreciation Day
  • International Haiku Poetry Day
  • National Banana Day
  • National Cheese Ball Day
  • National Crawfish Day

April 18

  • Adult Autism Awareness Day
  • National Animal Crackers Day
  • National Columnists’ Day
  • National Exercise Day

April 19

  • National Dog Parent Appreciation Day
  • National Garlic Day

April 20

  • National Cheddar Fries Day
  • National Look Alike Day
  • National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day
  • National Record Store Day
  • Volunteer Recognition Day

April 21

  • National Chickpea Day
  • National Kindergarten Day
  • National Tea Day
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 22

  • Earth Day
  • National Jelly Bean Day 
  • Passover begins

April 23

  • National Cherry Cheesecake Day
  • National English Muffin Day
  • National Lost Dogs Awareness Day
  • National Picnic Day
  • National Take a Chance Day
  • Shakespeare Day
  • World Book Day
  • World Table Tennis Day

April 24

  • National Bucket List Day
  • National Pigs in a Blanket Day

April 25

  • National DNA Day
  • National Mani-Pedi Day
  • National Plumbers Day
  • National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • National Telephone Day
  • National Zucchini Bread Day
  • School Bus Drivers’ Day
  • World Penguin Day

April 26

  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • Arbor Day
  • Denim Day
  • Get Organized Day
  • International Guide Dog Day
  • National Audubon Day
  • National Help a Horse Day
  • National Kids and Pets Day
  • National Pretzel Day
  • World Stationery Day 

April 27

  • Marine Mammal Rescue Day
  • National Gummi Bear Day
  • National Independent Bookstore Day
  • National Tell A Story Day
  • World Design Day

April 28

  • Global Pay It Forward Day
  • National Blueberry Pie Day
  • National Pet Parents Day
  • National Superhero Day
  • Stop Food Waste Day

April 29

  • International Astronomy Day
  • International Dance Day
  • National Shrimp Scampi Day
  • National Zipper Day
  • World Veterinary Day

April 30

  • International Jazz Day
  • National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day
  • National Bubble Tea Day
  • National Honesty Day
  • National Oatmeal Cookie Day
  • National Raisin Day
  • National Therapy Animal Day
  • National Tie Dye Day
  • Passover ends

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