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Greek Gematria Calculator

The Greek Gematria Calculator is a powerful tool that helps you explore the numerical values hidden within Greek words and phrases. This ancient system, used by scholars and mystics alike, reveals deeper connections and meanings in the Greek language.

How Does the Greek Gematria Calculator Work?

To use the Greek Gematria Calculator, you need to understand the numerical values assigned to each Greek letter. Here is a quick reference:

Greek LetterNumerical Value
Alpha (Α)1
Beta (Β)2
Gamma (Γ)3
Delta (Δ)4
Epsilon (Ε)5
Zeta (Ζ)7
Eta (Η)8
Theta (Θ)9
Iota (Ι)10
Kappa (Κ)20
Lambda (Λ)30
Mu (Μ)40
Nu (Ν)50
Xi (Ξ)60
Omicron (Ο)70
Pi (Π)80
Rho (Ρ)100
Sigma (Σ)200
Final Sigma (ς)200
Tau (Τ)300
Upsilon (Υ)400
Phi (Φ)500
Chi (Χ)600
Psi (Ψ)700
Omega (Ω)800

To calculate the gematria value of a Greek word or phrase, simply add up the numerical values of its individual letters.

Practical Examples of Greek Gematria

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples to see how the Greek Gematria Calculator works in practice.

Example 1:

The Greek word for “Love” is “Αγάπη”.

  • Α = 1
  • Γ = 3
  • Α = 1
  • Π = 80
  • Η = 8

Adding these values together: 1+3+1+80+8=931 + 3 + 1 + 80 + 8 = 931+3+1+80+8=93

So, the gematria value of “Αγάπη” (Love) is 93.

Example 2:

The Greek word for “Peace” is “Ειρήνη”.

  • Ε = 5
  • Ι = 10
  • Ρ = 100
  • Η = 8
  • Ν = 50
  • Η = 8

Adding these values together: 5+10+100+8+50+8=1815 + 10 + 100 + 8 + 50 + 8 = 1815+10+100+8+50+8=181

Therefore, the gematria value of “Ειρήνη” (Peace) is 181.

Common Greek Words and Their Gematria Values

Here are some commonly searched Greek words along with their gematria values:

Greek TermTranslationGematria Value

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gematria?

Gematria is a numerological system where each letter is assigned a numerical value. By summing these values, you can uncover hidden meanings within words and phrases.

Why is Greek gematria significant?

Greek gematria offers insights into the language and culture of ancient Greece. It was used by scholars to find deeper meanings in texts and by mystics to explore the spiritual significance of words.

How do I use the Greek Gematria Calculator?

Simply enter the Greek word or phrase into the calculator, and it will display the gematria value. This tool simplifies the process, saving you the time of manually adding up the values.


The Greek Gematria Calculator is an essential tool for anyone interested in the numerical and mystical aspects of the Greek language. Whether you’re a scholar, a student, or a curious explorer, this calculator offers a fascinating glimpse into the hidden numerical structure of Greek words. Try it out and discover the intriguing world of Greek gematria today!

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